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Chicken Arks Provide More Interest For Your Chickens

Sometimes when young pullets are just beginning to lay, they start eating the eggs. You may be able to retrain them, but some chickens can be hard to cure. Chickens can often eat eggs for the first time when they’ve have been damaged – such as being troddne on or dropped. They are inquisitve so […]

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You Can Have Free Range Chickens – in a Chicken Ark

Free range, that was the idea when I bought my first chickens. Keeping chickens is very much about watching them as they graze and hunt. It didn’t work out quite like that. They started free ranging over to the neighbor’s yard, even getting on their bird table where they enjoyed the plump sunflower seeds. A […]

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Portable Chicken Arks Protect Your Chickens From Predators

Where chicken predators are common, a chicken ark allows them to have new grazing, but keeps them safe as well. The chicken ark is designed to be moved around, giving chickens new ground to forage and browse on, but as the run is enclosed, it keeps them safe. The roosting and nesting area is integral […]

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Backyard Chickens – Easy and Fun

Keeping chickens is quite straightforward and they are entertaining creatures. They are rewarding to keep as they’ll entertain you with their clucking around, re-arranging the flooring material in their run and taking dustbaths. In the middle of winter there is less light, so you will get few eggs, otherwise you should get eggs every day. […]

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Children Love Chickens

Chickens live in flocks as they are social animals. Ranging free is natural as well. Pet chickens in a small enclosure may be bored and unhappy. Pet chickens can have new ground to scratch with a chicken ark type hen house. Chicken arks are designed to be moved around, so the hens have access to […]

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Your Hare Wants a Good Outdoor Hutch

If you’re going to have a pet, rabbits make great ones, whether you keep them indoors or out. If you wish to keep your rabbit outside, then you will definitely need to get yourself an outdoor rabbit hutch. There are many different options on outdoor rabbit hutches, you can either build it yourself or you […]

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