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The main thing to remember with tiny puppy care is to keep the tiny puppies fed and warm. Tiny puppies should be kept in a warm and dry environment at all times. The ideal temperature is 80 degrees. It is highly suggested that you have a sweater for your tiny puppy to wear. A sweater can be made simply from a sock, with a toe cut out and two small holes for the front legs. In very cold weather, a heating pad on a low setting can be placed underneath the crate. It is highly suggested that you set the heating pad on only half of the crate so the puppy can decide if he is too warm and can move to a cooler spot.

Food Your tiny puppy should have fresh water and food at all times. This is especially important in tiny puppy care during the first few weeks in his new home. Tiny puppies need to eat every three hours. Be sure that you watch them eat. Tiny puppies cannot go very long without a meal. A […]

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The Siberian husky is a friendly dog, although not overly loyal to his particular master. While he is an intelligent dog, he can also be somewhat willful and stubborn, making training as a part of your Siberian husky puppy care a bit challenging at times. However, despite his independent streak, he can also be affectionate and eager to please, which means that with some patience and consistency, this dog can make a great family pet. The breed is generally very good with children, probably since the original breed that lived with the Chukchi tribes was often allowed to sleep inside the home with the children to keep them warm in the frigid winter temperatures of the area.

Preparing for your Siberian Husky The first step in preparing for your Siberian husky puppy care is to provide a fenced yard for your dog to run in. This breed has a definite tendency to run – and will run away if let loose without the confines of a fence. It is extremely important to […]

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When you make your schedule of puppy care, regular feeding is important. Your puppy should be fed twice a day, once at breakfast and once at dinner time. By doing this, you establish a regular pattern of food so the dog doesn’t beg for food at other times, and you also teach it to be eating its meal when you’re having yours, preventing begging while at the dinner table. Keeping the dog elsewhere while you’re having dinner also helps to train you not to give it scraps, which is a bad idea for your puppy.

Making water part of your schedule of puppy care is also important. Rather than simply leave a bowl out for your puppy, give it water at several set times in the day as well as after exercising your puppy. By regulating water as part of your schedule of puppy care, you will be better able […]

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One of the first things that anyone would have to know about Rottweiler puppy care is the fact that they are very unique, and so Rottweiler puppy care is then very unique as well.

The first thing that you are going to want to do with Rottweiler dogs is get them vaccinated, and then you are going to want to make sure that you follow this up with yearly booster vaccinations in order to maintain the dog’s immunity to diseases. You also need to have your dog wormed every […]

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Puppy Sleep Care Requires Some Special Arrangements

Puppy sleep care includes establishing a new routine for a puppy used to a different routine that has been suddenly and unceremoniously disrupted. The first few nights will be very difficult for the puppy because of the strange surroundings. To a puppy, even more luxuriously surroundings will be strange surroundings. The puppy will not realize […]

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To determine which supplies that you will need for your new arrival, there are any number of websites that will offer the puppy care information that you will need. Other good sources for puppy care information include your veterinarian’s office, the local library, or the shelter that you adopt your puppy from. The first items to shop for will be feeding supplies, and these include bowls for water and food, as well as a high quality dry food specially formulated for puppies. It is also a good idea to get a crate for your puppy, since most puppy care information touts the benefits of crate training dogs. You can line the bottom of your crate with an old blanket or towel that your puppy will find comfy for sleeping on.

A collar and leash are other good supplies to purchase before you bring your puppy home, as well as a few chew toys and grooming supplies like shampoo and nail clippers. To make sure that your chew toys are safe for your new pup, avoid items like rawhide that can break off and get lodged […]

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