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With Cat Health Insurance to Protect Your Pal

Cat Health insurance has been around for over 10 years in the US. It’s only recent that many Americans are looking at getting pet insurance for their cats and other pets. This is largely because the cost of going to the vet has risen close to 100% in just 5 short years. Cats can live […]

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Looking Into Canadian Pet Insurance

Canadian pet insurance follows closely in the footsteps of pet insurance in the United States and pet insurance in the United Kingdom. In reality the concept of Canadian pet insurance is pretty much the same as pet insurance in the United States in that it is really difficult, if not impossible, to get a policy […]

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Affordable Pet Insurance for Your Family Pet

As a pet owner you should already know the cost of keeping your pet healthy. Every pet needs regular checkups, medication and shots. When you think about it it’s the same for humans. We all have to go to the doctor or at least should. The reason people should have an affordable pet insurance plan […]

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Make A Difference In Your Pets Life With Pet Care Insurance

We’ve all had those pets in our lives that were more than just a four-legged friend, they were part of our families. Perhaps yours still is. If you’ve got a cat or dog that is more like a member of the family than an animal, have you considered getting a pet care insurance policy to […]

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Choosing the Best Dog Food

With so many choices out there for dog food it can be hard to find the one that is best for your dog or puppy. You are not the only one wondering, in fact that is the number one question asked to vets. The short answer is this: there is no one “best” dog food […]

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