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Entries for April, 2008

Foster Care for Dogs

When a national rescue society calls you for a support of an abandoned canine, consider yourself lucky to have found a new foster dog. Whether he looks like a gem or some normal dog, he is yours and yours alone for care. Like any other loving parent, you are now assigned to a special task […]

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Boarding Place for Dogs

Searching for a Homey and Lavish Boarding Place for Dogs  It is a common statement to say that you’re leaving your dogs for the whole of summer on the purpose of spending your vacation, but it couldn’t easily be accomplished in most times. A lot of cases happened when people tried to board their dogs […]

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Total Pet Care Guidelines

Whatever you pet is, there are basic needs for all living things. These basic needs focus mainly on sustenance and shelter. Total pet care will include these basic needs as well as other needs and wants for our pets. Grooming and health care are among the total pet care necessities that we have to provide […]

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Pet Travel Guide for Australia

We came across a great site today for all those living in Australia or those looking to travel there with their pets.  If your on this site then chances are you like to travel with your pets.  Finding hotels and places that take pets can be a big challenge.  We know from experience that you […]

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