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Advice On Using Aquarium Air Pumps

Aquarium Pump Demonstration When setting up a home aquarium, it is important that you properly set up the aquarium air pump. Without the aquarium air pump, the fish won’t be able to breath and most would eventually die. Here are some of the essential things you should know about setting up an aquarium air pump. […]

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Your Dogs Diet Can Lead To Protein And Kidney Failure

Research has indicated that higher levels of protein in your dog’s diet could lead to kidney failure. Do you know if what you are feeding dog is safe?  Are you harming the health of your furry friend by giving too much protein in your dog’s diet?  The studies that showed a connection to high protein […]

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Cat Diabetes-And How You Should Treat It

If your cat has diabetes then cat care is important to your pets health. You will need to take the appropriate steps to make sure your pet can lead a normal life. It is unfortunate that pet cats have there own form of diabetes. It is important as a pet owner you learn how this […]

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Not Ready for Prime Time Dogs

Top Dog Breeds How often do you hear an owner shout, ‘Bad dog’ when what really needs to be said is ‘bad handler’. It just aint cool when a dog jumps on you and puts paw prints over everything you’re wearing. When your front yard is the chosen venue for the next door dog to […]

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Types Of Small Aquarium Sharks – Two Of The Most Popular

When setting up an aquarium people quickly find out that there are many tropical fish to select from. There are school fish such as Guarmis and Tetras and there are aggressive fish such as Oscars and Cichlids. But a fish that has recently become more popular for the small home aquarium is the small aquarium […]

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Salt Water Fishes Repeat Buyer Program is very pleased to offer a Repeat Buyer Program! We would like to thank the tens of thousands of you that constantly make repeat purchases from our company. So many of you continue to purchase from us again and again, many of whom have passed the 50 order mark, and […]

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