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Entries for December, 2008

Finding The Free Pug Puppy

Whether you are looking for a free pug puppy or a free dachshund puppy, you have to be prepared to do a lot of looking because big name full breed dogs do not come cheap usually, let a lone free. This is not to say that you will never be able to find yourself a […]

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How To Choose A Pet From A Puppy Adoption Center

One of the best ways to get a puppy for free is to go to a puppy adoption center and adopt a puppy.  Not only will you get a dog for free if you adopt a puppy from the puppy adoption center, you also help some poor little fellow find a home. Just think of […]

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How To Keep Your Cat Healthy

Healthy Cats If you have never had a cat before, you may be surprised to learn how often they can have health problems. No matter what breed of cat you own, cat health is one of the major topics you will have to know about.  With any breed certain problems are to be expected. Some […]

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Why Cats Make The Best Pets

The domesticated cat of today has become the companion animal of choice for a great many people around the world. In the USA alone, more than 30 million domestic cats now outnumber the dog population by several million, with the gap increasing each day. Why has the domestic cat gained in popularity? What is it […]

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Puppy Growth Rate Stats

  A question asked by all new puppy owners is going to be “How big will my puppy get?” To determine puppy growth rate, you have to first consider a lot of variables to ever be able to get an accurate answer for any individual dog breed.  And even then, you will only be able […]

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How To Traing Your Dog To Stop Barking

You just got a new dog. Your excited about it and have decided on a name. Now that you have it home you have to train it. One of the first problems most dog owners have is teaching their dog when it is okay to bark and when it is not okay to bark. This […]

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