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The Feel Of A Siamese Cat As Your Pet

Cats are wonderful pets; low maintenance, as you don’t have to walk them daily for exercise or do any of their needs and they are extremely loving and intelligent, which makes them enjoyable as well as a gratifying pet. The Appearance And Origin Of The Siamese Cat Siamese cats are an Oriental breed and even […]

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Understanding Pussy Cat

Puss in Boots, a popular fairytale character, may be strictly based on the author’s rich imagination and creativity but was definitely inspired by the same author’s adoration for cats. “Poes” is the semantic route of Puss or pussy word which means a female cat, similar to the German term “poesje” often employed to call a […]

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The Pet Grooming Tools You Need

There’s more to pet grooming than simply giving your pet a bath. Tending to their skin, coat and overall health are also part of the process. Pets aren’t able to tell you if something is wrong. But as you’re grooming them, any hidden problems will emerge. As you carefully groom your pet, it will be […]

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How To Choose A Persian Cat

One of the most desirable cat breeds today is the Persian cat and it is no wonder since they have such a majestic and exotic appearance. The Persian cat is excellent for those who want a companion who is affectionate, laid back and very devoted. However, before selecting a Persian for your household you should […]

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The Joys And Adventures Of Owning A Kitty Cat

Are you in the process of making up your mind for a suitable pet and oscillating between a Dog and a Kitty cat? Both dogs and cats would make very good pets but if you are one of those people who do not really have much time to go out for walks with your dogs, […]

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Cat Allergy and Siberian Cats

Ten to fifteen percent of people in the United States are allergic to dogs or cats, cats being the most common allergy by far. Unfortunately, many of these people love cats, or have children or life partners who do, so they sniffle and sneeze their way through the days, wishing someone would invent a hypoallergenic […]

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