You can prepare any dog for hunting season, so long as you go about it in the right away.  There are a few hunting dog training tips that are especially effective and which should be incorporated to your dog’s routine.  One of the most important hunting dog training tips is to master all the basic dog obedience skills with your dog.  Even if you have already taught these skills to your dog, it’s important to go over those such as heel, sit, stay, and whistle to make sure the dog is always performing to the best of his or her capability.

A lot of owners forget to work on these skills outside of hunting season, which is crucial.  If you neglect your dog’s training, they may end up forgetting what they’ve learned and you’re going to have to start back at square one.  Another helpful tip to prepare your dog for hunting season is to use marking drills.  It’s best to perform these marking drills in woodlands, as this will make more complex marks and ensure that the dog is on the ball.

This will make it more challenging for the dog and let you know whether or not they have this skill down pat.  You also need to work on your dog’s lining skills to get them prepared for hunting season.  One of the best hunting dog training tips for teaching lining skills is to teach the dog to run through barriers rather than around them.  The longer line the better when you’re practicing these sorts of drills, and by using a fence you can teach the dog not to bow out.

For any hunters who tend to hunt waterfowl, it’s important to go boating with the dog on a regular basis.  Dogs need to get used to the water and learn not to be afraid of diving in off the boat.  They also need to learn the proper techniques for diving off and getting back onto a boat.  Larger hunting dogs can be especially difficult to train but with patience and practice you can teach them properly.

It’s always important to have decoy prey around when trying to train a hunting dog.  Even older dogs that have gone through years of training should go through refresher courses on a regular basis.  This helps keep the dog’s mind sharp and also makes them more eager to actually get out there and hunt when the time comes.  It’s important to work hard and have patience when training dogs to hunt.