Regardless of whether your dog is old or young, Chihuahua or Doberman, it’s important to have them properly trained.  You don’t need to teach them all those fancy tricks but there are a few basic skills that every dog should learn.  To avoid this, it’s important to choose the effective dog training tips that have proven to work.  These tips can be tried by any homeowner who’s looking to train their dog the basic skills.

Teaching a dog to sit sounds simple but it ca actually be quite challenging, especially if you’re working with an older dog.  This is an extremely basic skill but one that comes in handy in a variety of situations.  To teach your dog to sit you want to have the dog standing and then tell them sternly to sit.  You may have to give them a light push on the behind to help them move their bottom downwards and sit on the floor.

Then you want to tell them sternly to sit, and as soon as they do you give them a treat, toy or pat on the head.  This positive affirmation is going to let them know that they’re getting rewarded for doing what they were told.  The dog may seem confused at first but with practice and patience you’ll teach them what “sit” means and that they’re being rewarded every time they do it when they’re told.  Wait until the puppy is over six months old which is when they can fully control their bowels, and if they do go to the bathroom in the house you need to let them know immediately that this is wrong.

Sticking their face in it and yelling at them are not actions that are actually going to get you the results you’re looking for, so make sure this isn’t how you’re reacting when your dog has an accident.  Keeping in constant communication with your dog is crucial if you want them to be properly housetrained.  It’s also best to create a schedule for the dog, as they will be able to grow accustomed to this.  It’s also very helpful to create a schedule for the dog, which will teach them what times they eat and what times they’re supposed to go to the bathroom.

Barking is another common problem among dogs.  If your dog has a problem with barking, one of the best dog training tips is to use a training aid such as a bark collar to deal with this problem.  A dog collar works safely and effectively, giving a light shock to the dog when they bark while wearing it.  These are effective dog training tips that will work when performed correctly and with practice.