puppies toysWe all love to spoil our pets, puppies even more so. They are so cute and have so much energy. Toys can play a very important part in training animals and stopping them from eating your shoes. It is always recommended you try and do a little review on puppy toys for your pet. Some toys are too small for larger pups and they might swallow them. Talk about being hit with a big vet bill from the get go. Also there are many forms of toys out there on the market. So are meant for both owners and dogs. These types of toys help you make a strong bond with your pet. Others are meant to occupy the puppies time while you are gone so they do not get into things. Items such as a buster cube are great for this. You simply place the puppies food in it and they have to roll it around for a piece to fall out. There are several setting on the cube so when your dog gets the hand of it you can simply up the skill level.


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