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Aquarium Angelfish Species

No aquarium is complete without at least one Angelfish. There are more than twenty varieties of aquarium Angelfish species. Any one of them will add color and drama to your home or office aquarium. Varieties of Angelfish One of the most desirable aquarium fish species is the dwarf Angelfish. Because of its tiny size, the […]

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Advice On Using Aquarium Air Pumps

Aquarium Pump Demonstration When setting up a home aquarium, it is important that you properly set up the aquarium air pump. Without the aquarium air pump, the fish won’t be able to breath and most would eventually die. Here are some of the essential things you should know about setting up an aquarium air pump. […]

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What The Heck Is An Aquarium Overflow Box?

Also known as siphon boxes or prefilters, an aquarium overflow box helps keep your air pump and filters working by making sure they won’t be damaged by any power outages.  If you have a goldfish aquarium of less than 40 gallons or if your tank has been thriving for years AND you have working spare […]

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Clearing Up Cloudy Aquarium Water

Having an aquarium full of tropical fish is a great pastime and it is a great addition to any home. However, once in a while you will have murky aquarium water. There are several reasons why one would have cloudy aquarium water in their tank. One of the best ways to clear up this cloudy […]

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Add Personality To Your Aquarium With Snails

Have you ever seen the giant aquarium at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas? Go deep into the mall past the Red Piano gift shop, past the Coliseum where Elton John, Celine Dion, Bette Midler and Cher perform. Keep going, past the slot machines, the blackjack tables and the poker room. Deep […]

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Life-Like Living With Aquarium Plants

When it comes to a home aquarium, most owners focus on the fish. Whether it is a salt-water or fresh-water tank, the fish quickly become the pride and joy. Trips to the store to select a new lively friend, research on which fish can and cannot live together, fish food and filtration and all of […]

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