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Top Five Cat Breeds

If your cat knowledge is limited to the essentials, at best, the process of choosing which breed of cat you want to add to your family can become quite a chore! When considering a cat, you must be sure to choose a breed that will best suit your lifestyle. While certain cat breeds require a […]

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Discover Ways Of Keeping Cats Out Of Your Garden

Your first line of defense when keeping cats out of your garden is to make sure that you have your boundaries secure.  If there are any gaps in your fence, you should make sure that you block them to prevent any low access.  Cats are very agile animals, and can jump very high.  Normally they […]

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Do You Want A Siamese Cat

The exotic and somewhat mysterious Siamese cat hails from the country of Thailand.  They had always been a popular breed of cats, some even residing in royal palaces.  Siamese cats, in the past, were trusted to protect royal palaces and monasteries from evil spirits.  These cats were also thought of as bringing good fortune to […]

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Know About The Different Type Of Cat Breeds

Over the last thousands of years, cats have pretty much handled their breeding themselves.  In the beginning, they were used for one purpose – hunting and killing rodents.  As the years progressed, we began to breed cats more to our liking.  Now days, there are several different breeds of cats – which you can tell […]

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The Feel Of A Siamese Cat As Your Pet

Cats are wonderful pets; low maintenance, as you don’t have to walk them daily for exercise or do any of their needs and they are extremely loving and intelligent, which makes them enjoyable as well as a gratifying pet. The Appearance And Origin Of The Siamese Cat Siamese cats are an Oriental breed and even […]

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Tips For Stopping Spraying

Tips For Stopping Spraying Anytime your cat backs himself up to a door or other object in your house, lifts his tail, and releases urine – you have a problem.  This problem is known as spraying, and is very common with  all the different cat breeds kept indoors.  Even though it is a very annoying […]

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