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Cat Illness – How To Keep Your Cat Healthy

Many illnesses affect the lives of our pets. Oftentimes, these illnesses, like diabetes, cat kidney disease, bladder infections, obesity, bowel irritability and many other conditions, hamper the ability of the feline to function normally. Keep in mind these conditions are all controllable. Many of the points in this article can be applied to dog illness, […]

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Heart Disease in Cats

heart disease As cats get older, problems with their heart, kidneys and other organs can occur. The most common diseases of older cats are cancer, renal or kidney disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism (disease of the thyroid gland), dental disease and heart disease. Cats age seven times faster than we do and examinations done by your veterinarian […]

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So, You Want A Pussy? Learn How To Take Care Of Your Pet Cat Right Here

  Dog is considered to be man’s best friend. Cats are now dog’s best friend, therefore, a cat can also be man’s best loyal friend & in the ethics of logic or the logic or ethics, whichever you prefer, this is right now true and it can be possible (whoever made the notion that dogs […]

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Helping Your Cat Stay Healthy

To keep your cat healthy a majority of time, all you really need to do is give him good shelter, food, and plenty of water.  Like other living things however, cats can get sick from time to time no matter what you do.  As a cat owner, you’ll want to ensure that you feed your […]

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Truths About Cats

We all know that cats are loving and truly wonderful creatures.  These days, it isn’t out of the ordinary to see a cat in virtually every other home, sleeping in the window or cuddling up on the laps of their owners.  Although cats have been popular pets for as long as most can remember, they […]

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Importance of Cat Care

These days, cats are among the most popular pet you can own.  There are several breeds available, with the most popular being Persian and Siamese.  Cats are a domesticated animal, with origins dating back some 8,000 years and beyond.  Like any other pet that you may own, including dogs, cats cost money to take care […]

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