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Three Ways Every Cat Owner Can Use Feline Urinary Support To Promote Cat Urinary Health

Let me ask you a simple question:  Do you know how natural feline urinary support can prevent frequent cat urinary problems?  If your cat suffers from cat bladder infection, there are three ways you can support feline urinary health. Diet And Feline Urinary Support Your cat’s diet is extremely important in promoting cat urinary health.  […]

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Feline Urinary Problems And Your Cat

Did you know that up to 1.5 percent of all cats in the US are plagued with feline urinary problems? That’s a lot of cats. These problems can vary from a painful cat bladder infection to a life-threatening cat urinary blockage. An an informed cat owner, you should always be on the lookout for cat […]

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Feline Urinary Crystals And Three Ways To Prevent Them Naturally

You may not know this, but if your cat is prone to feline urinary tract infection, he may have urinary crystals in cats.  Feline urinary crystals are a major cause of cat urinary problems.  Here are three natural ways you can prevent these crystals from forming in the first place. Your Cat’s Diet Is Very […]

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Urinary Crystals In Cats And What Every Cat Owner Needs To Know

If you’re like me, you probably haven’t thought too much about urinary crystals in cats.  But if you have a cat who’s prone to cat urinary problems, you need to know more about cat bladder crystals. Why Are Feline Urinary Crystals Important? Even though these crystals are hard to see without a microscope, they have […]

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Cat Urinary Problems Can Be Relieved With These Five Natural Remedies

Ever wondered if there’s something you can do at home to prevent or treat cat urinary problems?  Here’s a list of five natural remedies for cat bladder infection, along with how to choose the best natural remedies for pets. Feed Your Cat A High-Quality Canned Food But, you say, this isn’t a natural remedy.  Actually […]

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Feline Bladder Infection 101

feline bladder infection Has your cat ever been blindsided by a feline bladder infection?  Don’t let this happen to your kitty.This article will answer your questions about cat bladder infection. Your Cat’s Urinary Tract Your cat’s urinary tract includes his kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra.  The kidneys are constantly filtering waste products out of your […]

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