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Why Pet Steps Are a Necessity

It’s safe to say that most animal owners are cautious about their pet’s health, be it physical activity, what they eat, their teeth and ears, etc. This article is going to address important part that bed pet steps can play in your pet’s health. Have you ever stopped to think of the toll that jumping […]

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Top Five Cat Breeds

If your cat knowledge is limited to the essentials, at best, the process of choosing which breed of cat you want to add to your family can become quite a chore! When considering a cat, you must be sure to choose a breed that will best suit your lifestyle. While certain cat breeds require a […]

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Heart Disease in Cats

heart disease As cats get older, problems with their heart, kidneys and other organs can occur. The most common diseases of older cats are cancer, renal or kidney disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism (disease of the thyroid gland), dental disease and heart disease. Cats age seven times faster than we do and examinations done by your veterinarian […]

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The Legend Of The Black Cat: Truth Or Fiction?

If you’ve ever had a black cat cross your path, you probably felt a feeling of dread. That’s because there’s a certain stigma associated with the black cat. They’re not supposed to cross your path as it could give you bad luck, as the old superstition goes. How black cats have manged to build such […]

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Cats and It’s Shelter

As cat lovers, we tend to want to spoil our pets. A fancy post made for scraching? No problem. The best food on the market? It’s only money. Ten dollars for a mouse made from old scraps of material? Here’s the credit card. But what about a special house for your cat? Is that worth […]

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How To Keep Your Cat Healthy

Healthy Cats If you have never had a cat before, you may be surprised to learn how often they can have health problems. No matter what breed of cat you own, cat health is one of the major topics you will have to know about.  With any breed certain problems are to be expected. Some […]

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