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Becoming a Certified Dog Trainer

dog behavior There are some careers people are just born to do. There are other careers that may not cross a person’s mind unless it is brought to their attention. A certified dog trainer may be one of these careers. There is a great need by some who need help training their dog. Maybe they […]

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Stop Your Puppy Jumping Up On People

At the start you may feel that when your puppy jumps up, he’s so cute. But it ceases to be funny when your full-size dog jumps up on people with dirty paws – quite embarrassing. So I encourage you to train your puppy or dog not to do this while he is still young. It’s […]

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Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

Dogs are instinctively aggressive and we all realize that dogs are capable of seriously injuring people and other animals. However, there are methods available to dog owners for training aggressive dogs. It is essential that dog owners who have an aggressive dog make sure that he is given obedience training, before someone is injured. Here’s […]

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Stop Fear-Based Dog Aggression

Does your dog bite or growl at people (and even small children) that they do not know very well?  This form of dog aggression is relatively a common occurrence and has been assessed to be usually born out of fear.Although dogs are by nature territorial, it becomes a cause for concern, however, if they become […]

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Dog Fear Aggression Case Study

Popo, a Pomeranian dog has an excessive fear of loud noises. Popo turns his fear into aggression when he hears loud noises, and has already bit his owner Lindsey twice. Additionally, Popo fled when some guests began firing small fireworks during a Forth of July celebration. Good thing, The following week, Popo was found by […]

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Case Study on Dog Food Aggression

A Great Dane, Biscuit is roughly a year old. The Miller family adopted Cisco from a neighbor, who had to him up due to relocation. In his new house, the Scotts had the two Golden Retrievers share their home with Biscuit. The new dog did not exhibit any aggression problems with his previous owner that […]

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