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Understanding Your Dog’s Behavioral Problems

Understanding Your Dog’s Behavioral Problems Dogs exhibit many behaviors that leave their owners scratching their heads in confusion. Whether it’s barking, digging, nipping, or a number of other annoying activities, canines do things that seem odd to us. However, by understanding why they do such things, owners can learn to modify such behaviors. Below, we’ll […]

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Becoming a Certified Dog Trainer

dog behavior There are some careers people are just born to do. There are other careers that may not cross a person’s mind unless it is brought to their attention. A certified dog trainer may be one of these careers. There is a great need by some who need help training their dog. Maybe they […]

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Aggressive Dog Training

If you are interested in learning how to deal with aggression in dogs, then you should read this article. In particular, I am going to talk about why your dog may be acting aggressively, some of the different types of aggressive behavior your dog may display, and some useful tips on training an aggressive dog. […]

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Training a Dog To Have Good Manners

A well-trained dog that knows its place in the family is every dog owner’s goal but can be a difficult achievement. A number of dogs will jump on anybody who is near while others show hostility towards other animals or strangers. Albeit those inclinations might be appropriate sometimes, most people would like their dogs to […]

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Career Dog Training

Things to Consider When Choosing a Career in Dog Training Some people choose a career in dog training simply because it is a popular choice, however, there are those who are really passionate about canines in a way that their life’s direction has led them towards loving dogs even more. Before you look at a […]

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Dog Obedience Training and Three Basic Rules

Dog obedience training requires the use of some principles which differentiate effective training from training without results. Most dog training and dog behavior schools use these rules. These are: Principle One:The first rule in obedience training is to be consistent. You must be consistent in the use of words, the tone of your voice and […]

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