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Home-Cooked Food For Dogs

there’s no denial of the fact that home made food is the best form of food. The same applies for your dog too. The market has diversity of commercial dog foods that you can give to your dog. However, such foods are typically discovered to be less on the nutrition value. Therefore they are not […]

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Soothing Aches with Heated Pet Dog Beds

Any dog owner knows how vital sleep is to a dog's mood, energy, and health over the long run. Just think about your own experiences. A good night's rest will let you meet the day's challenges with candor and coolness, and a bad night's rest will make you irritable at the most mundane tasks throughout […]

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Pet Steps: Getting Your Dog to Use Them

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already got yourself a nice set of pet steps; but if you haven’t yet purchased dog stairs, you might want to take a minute to seriously consider the benefits. Every time your dog jumps on and off of objects such as furniture, his joints absorb the impact. Over […]

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Basic Rules Every Dog Owner Should Follow

The relationship you share with your pooch is symbiotic. He showers you with undying, unconditional affection and companionship. For your part, you provide him with meals, dog treats, a roof over his head, periodic trips to the vet, and your friendship. In most cases, it’s a perfect match which grows stronger with time. Unfortunately, even […]

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Simple and Smart Tips for the Dog Walking Experience

Daily exercise for your dog is important to his health. One of the easiest ways to provide it is to take him for walks. Of course, canines don’t always stay on track while they’re outside, so you’ll need to take a few steps to make sure the walk is pleasant for both of you. Here […]

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Housing your dog

Breeds of dogs all differ, just as owners Differ. Housing your dog depends on many factors, such as your lifestyle, your dog breed and the amount of room you have to spare. For those who dont know me, my name is Sue Walton, and I am a professionaly accredited Dog trainer and coach. This article […]

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