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Soothing Aches with Heated Pet Dog Beds

Any dog owner knows how vital sleep is to a dog's mood, energy, and health over the long run. Just think about your own experiences. A good night's rest will let you meet the day's challenges with candor and coolness, and a bad night's rest will make you irritable at the most mundane tasks throughout […]

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Pet Steps: Getting Your Dog to Use Them

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already got yourself a nice set of pet steps; but if you haven’t yet purchased dog stairs, you might want to take a minute to seriously consider the benefits. Every time your dog jumps on and off of objects such as furniture, his joints absorb the impact. Over […]

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Puppy Training Basics

Here’s a little advice about how to train a puppy. Puppy training doesn’t have to be difficult. It may take a little patience, but dogs are smart and their goal is to make you happy. If you get angry, always remember that and walk away. There’s heaps of books about how to trian a puppy […]

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Becoming a Certified Dog Trainer

dog behavior There are some careers people are just born to do. There are other careers that may not cross a person’s mind unless it is brought to their attention. A certified dog trainer may be one of these careers. There is a great need by some who need help training their dog. Maybe they […]

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Effective Tips for Dog Obedience Conditioning

Dogs love to dig. Whether it is to bury a bone, look for a bone, or to just see what is underneath the dirt this time, dogs enjoy digging. This natural behavior can wreak havoc on your yard and garden if it goes unchecked. What is the best way to curb the digging impulse? The […]

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Puppy Training

In the good old days, puppy training began only after one’s pet had reached six months of age and it was also not uncommon for trainers to suggest that the training not begin before the pet had reached one year of age. Now-a-days, people that bring home a puppy will get started with training them […]

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